The Lumina is skippered by Captain Pieter, and Dora is the hostess.

Pieter was born in Holland, and got his degree in Agriculture. He already travelled a lot (lived and worked in Australia, New Zealand, Turkey and the last 15 years in Brazil) and furthermore visited almost all countries in Europe and South America.

With all these travels, it couldn’t be different: he speaks fluently Portuguese, English, Spanish and German.

The last 15 years in Brazil, he worked for a large multinational US based company as Divisional Manager, and so this gave him a vast experience and insights on how the corporate world turns. At his own will, he resigned to be able to dedicate all his time to a personal project, uniting his passion for sailing and the possibility to share these nautical experiences with other people.

Pieter is a certified captain, and followed first aid training courses.


Dora is from Brazil, and she used to work in the corporative world, always loved to travel and be in contact with nature, in contact with the ocean, its marvelous world, scuba diving and beach scene.

She met Pieter in Florianopolis in 2010, who was already living his great dream onboard the Onda Boa, and she was curious and very interested in this exciting nautical world, live aboard and have all the freedom to travel around the world experiencing new places, at a leisure pace without the pressure of a few holidays.

So, in 2010 and 2011 they gained plenty of experience in organizing charters near Rio de Janeiro (Brazil), where Dora applied all her excellent skills of hosting, cooking and serving our guests. As cooking was already a hobby of her, all of our guests have been unanimous: outstanding gourmet style meals.

But only in July 2013 she embarked full time in this experience, after a trip on board the Onda Boa in the Caribbean, sailing, scuba diving and exploring all those fantastic islands. She is looking forward to be able to host our guest, Brazilian style hospitality, with great food, drinks and a touch of the Caribbean.