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The Charter Check list Top 5



Once you have decided to realize your dream, to do a charter on board a sailboat, herewith a list of top 5 items you would need to check:

  • How is the entertainment on board? Is there snorkel equipement on board, a SUP board?
  • Is there hot pressurised water in the showers?
  • Bed linnen and towels provided?
  • The food is tailor made prepared to my preference and liking?
  • The boat is excelent conditions, comfortable and safe with an experienced skipper?

Choosing to do a charter on board the SV Lumina.. all these items (and more) are taken care of, so you can have your charters of your dreams, total relax, comfort and great food. Contact us now to book.


Tudo de bom/Take care


Dora and Pieter






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